How to Bring a Case against an Owner Following a Dog Attack

There are hundreds of thousands of dogs in Australia, and most of them are friendly, predictable and under control. However, some canines are not so lucky and may live a stressful life where they are underfed, abused or unloved. In this case, the animal can only take so much before they fight back, and in this case, you may have been unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you have been the victim of a dog attack and have sustained a significant injury, what can you do in this situation?

Fighting Back

While some dog breeds may have the tendency to be aggressive, most are not. However, all animals may fight back if they are under stress or have been badly treated, and, in this case, the owner will be liable.

Under Attack

Much will depend on the circumstance of the event. If, for example, you were attacked by a dog that was badly confined and that had managed to escape from its nearby home on to public property, then you will definitely have grounds for a case. If the dog was clearly in bad condition and had been neglected or poorly treated, then you may have grounds for building a case against the owner. In this situation, their long-term behaviour may have contributed to the plight of the dog and, by extraction, its attack.

Reporting the Matter

In a situation like this, you should report the situation to both the local council and to the police. The council will be able to pursue the owner and may insist that they adjust their behaviour in the future. The police may bring a case against the owner, but they will first investigate the circumstances thoroughly.

Injury Compensation

You may have sustained significant injuries as a result of the attack. These injuries may impact your life going forward and, consequently, you should bring a case against the owner for compensation. This case will be dependent upon the extent of the injuries and just how they have affected your quality of life. You may include a claim for trauma and emotional harm together with direct and indirect costs as well.

Strong Case

Of course, you may expect the owner to push back to a certain extent, and you will want to build a strong case in your support. This is why it's important to work with an experienced personal injury attorney to outline your case properly and to seek maximum redress. Speak with a compensation lawyer for more information.